Soundcloud Showcases Brazil's Best Talent In Episode Four Of "New Wave" Series


As we all know, Hip-Hop is the youngest musical genre and has grown immensely since it's inception in the late 70's. From the gritty concrete jungle of the Bronx, NY, Hip-Hop is now an international lifestyle. The evolution of technology has made it so that you can listen to Hip-Hop at all times from any area in the world due in part by music streaming service, Soundcloud. It is one of the leading platforms for independent artists to be heard outside of their city, state or country. To highlight their effect throughout the world, SC has created a visual series showcasing artists in emerging scenes who have utilized the website to its advantage.

In the 4th episode of the series, "New Wave," Soundcloud traveled into the favelas of Brazil to speak to the countries top artists about their music and how the streaming platform has made it possible to build a presence online and expand their fan base. 

Watch "Visão" with MC Bin Laden, MC 2K, MC WM, MC Fioti, Yuri Martins and DJ Polyvox below.