Popular Cognac-Infused Event, "Henny Palooza", Switches To More Supportive Brand D'Usse For Future Parties


For years, French cognac brand Hennessy has been the standard dark liquor of choice in the Hip-Hop community. Though it has aligned itself with Nas as the face of it's "Wild Rabbit" campaign, the company overall hasn't embraced the genre and lifestyle of Hip-Hop the way supporters would like. On the other hand, D'Usse's business dealings with Jay Z has opened up opportunities for more minorities to benefit from the support of a large liquor brand.

Case-in-point, the very popular traveling party event, Henny Palooza, has gone through a rebranding of its own after experiencing little to no support from Hennessy. In the visual below that they've uploaded to their Twitter page, they explain why they've have made the switch to the now D'Usse supported D'Usse Palooza

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