Here's Why You Should Go To Our Conference: "So You Want To Be A Rapper?"

If you're based in the DMV, it's not every day you come across a music industry event; especially one that educates you on how to be successful in the business of entertainment. Our Founder and CEO Quinelle "Coach Q" Holder created the first event powered by Medium PR Agency, "So You Want To Be A Rapper?" (the first of our "So You Want To Be" series). This conference was created to educate artists, and any individuals interested in working in the music business/entertainment industry.

So here are a few reasons why we think you should attend:


1. Learning the importance of Public Relations from professional publicists in the industry.

You will find out how to get to where you need to be and understanding why the principles of PR is important within the industry. How to create a personal brand and leveraging your connections to bridge the gap How to expand your reach or audience through community engagements, live events, media outlets and more?


2. Learning the secrets of Digital Marketing

The Power is in Your Hands - it's how you take your social media to the next level to have the upper hand. The panelists we chose will share a variety of tools and marketing secrets that gets you from average to great. 


3. Getting the resources on how to get your sh*t together, legally.

You will learn how to monetize your artistry and to touch bases with ASCAP, Spotify or other streaming and publishing membership to help leverage success. How to look over contracts and the different deals that can be offered. This will be one of the most important segments in the conference, led by a special guest (one of the top entertainment lawyers in the industry).


4. You'll learn how to build a Team (Managers, A&R, Producers, etc.)

You will get the greatest advice and tools on how to build your dream team with or without resources. You will find out the importance of managers and get answers to questions such as: what is the importance of a touring manager?


5. Do you know what it takes to break into mainstream radio?

This section will have a mixture of radio personalities, programmers, and DJs to tell the industry secrets on breaking a song into the radio stream. You'll want to hear their personal experiences too!


6. The importance of Health as a music artist, or an entertainment industry professional

We have industry professionals and artists that will discuss how important it is to have consistency with healthy practices (not only within the hip-hop industry but within life). They will share personal experiences and some of the signs to watch for when dealing with depression, stress and other challenges. This is to share the importance of a healthy mind, body, and soul in order to have a successful career and purposeful life. 


7. Why not make more money by working with other brands and elevating your brand at the same time?

This section will touch on how brand partnerships is becoming one the most important ways for artists & tastemakers to receive additional revenue. We will teach the industry standards on applying for brand partnerships and how to even come across such opportunities.

We share all this to say...Don't miss out on this huge opportunity. No need to travel to NY, LA or Miami for this. It's right here in Washington, DC!

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