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Our Services

consultation| $50/hr

Consultations on singles/album/visuals for artists. Showing them what needs to be changed, what does/doesn’t fit. Giving them information on steps they need to take to get to the next level. 


social media consultation| $250

This is to determine if you are eligible to have a verified account on Twitter, Facebook and/or Instagram. If you are not, we will go through the steps on what you need to do on your profile pages to become eligible. Once that is completed, we will move to the next step on verification and share the prices for each outlet.


Graphic design & website| $250-$1,500

Custom graphics for logos, cover art, etc. As well as a website put together for the artist/brand.


dj service packs| $250

Service packs have cover art, description, and files of the single: clean, edited, dirty, instrumental and vocals. These will be put together for your team to send out to DJ's. We do not service the record.


electronic press kits (epk)| $500

Custom-made press kits for artists - featuring their bio, music, press, videos, contact, social, etc. Each press kit is different for each artist, meaning they never look the same. Some may have more content than others. Press kits would be used to email to music execs, press, etc. Best for established artists.


onesheet| $250

Shorter version of a press kit. Limited to one page. Best for artists who don’t have good press sources but want to present themselves professionally. 


press release| $100+

Although a press release is always included with campaign packages ($1750-$2500), If needed by itself, we can do that. If you need it with an Email Blast to our contacts, it would be an extra $50. No guarantees on outlets picking it up. 


photography| $350/hr

Our media team will put together a photoshoot for the client. This service can be used for concerts, portraits, head shots and album art.


Videography| $1,000+

Our media team will edit and shoot video for promotional, social media and/or documentary-styled projects.


biography| $100+

If you don't have a bio written, we put together the bio to use on the EPK, press releases, or for the website.


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