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"A difference between where you’re at & where you want to be."





Quinelle "Coach Q" Holder is an established industry tastemaker whose resume includes Cornerstone Agency / The Fader Magazine’s Senior F.A.R.M. Representative, Day To Day Blogger for A3C Hip-Hop Festival, Editorial Assistant at and most notably Content Manger at

His wife, Sabrina Figueiredo-Vaz Holder, has positioned herself as one of the top freelance photographers in the field, capturing Hip-Hop elites including but not limited to: Jeezy, Kid CuDi, Just Blaze, De La Soul, Kendrick Lamar, Lupe Fiasco, ASAP Rocky, Beanie Sigal Cam’ron, Jadakiss and The LOX. In addition to her behind the lens work, Sabrina also worked as a producer at Sirius XM Radio. 

Professionally bringing together their collective efforts, they launched their first business endeavor as a married couple. Appropriately titled Medium PR Agency, the company sets out to be a medium or connecting channel between where creatives are and want to be.


“Success starts at home. In your household, city and state.”

Quinelle "Coach q" Holder  |  Founder


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